Amex Blue Box︎

Saul Bass inspired anthem video for American Express introducing “The Blue Box Values” Amex models their vision from. Created with a talented team at BrandNewSchool, the animation was a joy to make. Marrying 3D and 2D together we tell a very human story through graphic illustrations and sharp motion.

I served as Director and Designer for this Project.
Full Credits at bottom.

- Style & Alt Frames-

- Type Treatments -

- Credits -

Creative Director: Jonathan Notaro
Art Director / Director: Andres Rivera
Designers: Abigail Goh / Jesse Harp / Corey Langelotti
Seong Yeop Sim
Producer: Johnna MacArthur
Animators: Peter Harp / Eddie Song / Olle Engström
Seong Yeop Sim / Deekay Kwon

Made at BrandNewSchool

     2022 Brooklyn, New York
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