Brennan Center 📚️

Anthem video made for Brennan Center, a nonprofit law and public policy institute generally considered liberal or progressive in its policy positions and views. The organization is named after Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan

Role: Director / ACD / Lead Designer / Storyboards

Aditional Illustrations

-Credits -

Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Notaro
ACD / Director: Andres Rivera Designers: Abigail Goh / Mercedes Affleck / Jelly Wei / Andres Rivera
Producers: Andre Araujo / Brendan Mills
StoryBoards: Mercedes Affleck / Andres Rivera
Animators: Filipe Consoni / Robin Desnoue / Matthew Everton / Anthony Kim / Manuel Neto / Ross Plaskow / Gerald Mark Soto / Michael Towers

Made at BrandNewSchool

     2022 Brooklyn, New York
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