COX Internet ︎

Created a story about cox internet surounding an animated family. A great opertunity to take the Cox loud green and blue branding and mix it with fun character design and groovy animation.

Role: Director / ACD / Lead Designer

- Credits -

ACD / Director: Andres Rivera
Designers: Abigail Goh / Jelly Wei / Andres Rivera / Elena Chudoba
Producer: Tess Sitzmann
Lead Animator: Deekay Kwon
Animators: Deekay Kwon / Gerald Mark Soto / Kack Maschka / Paul Yung Jae Suh / Seong Yeop SimCel Animation: Jeff Bryson
3D: Jef Bryson, Danish Jamil

Made at BrandNewSchool

     2023 NYC -> ATL
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