Smart Glasses


Tasked by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam to take their much loved concentric circle concept and flush it out into a 3D space, while elevating and bring a fresh take to it. We explored many materials and animation styles but in the end the most clean and deceivingly simple concept won out.The animation and its variations can be seen on social and on display in Ray-Ban Locations.

Role: Creative Director

Production Selects
- Credits -

Creative Directors: Andres Rivera , Emeric Trahand
Art Director: Cristina Barna
Designers: Ari Weinkle, Jun Yang, Omar Aqil, Daniel Lepik, Matteo Nicoli, Mario Domingos
Animators: Gerald Mark Soto, Seong Yeop Sim, Anthony Kim
CG/ VFX Supervisor: Russ Wootton
3D Animation Director: Jeff Bryson
3D Artists: Jared Eng, Walter Lubinski, Pete Germano, Danish Jamil, Piotr Glabinski, Atsuki
Hirose, Ryan Chong, Eric Schnell

Lead Compositor: Sung Eun Moon
Compositor: Jeff Dragon
Editors: Jeffrey Star, Matt Anderson
Assistant Editors: Ryan Rigley, Tyler Byrnes
CCO: Jonathan Notaro
HoP: Johnna MacArthur
Producers: Kyle Mckeveny, Tess Sitzmann
Assistant Producer: Brendan Mills

Made at Brand New School
     2023 NYC -> ATL
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